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How to know if you should take your pet to an emergency hospital or to our Edmonton Dogs and Cats Veterinary Hospital?

It can be difficult to see your pet sick and can sometimes be difficult to work out the best course of action.  Any concern about your pets wellbeing warrants a call to the clinic or a check up with your veterinarian at the Edmonton Dogs and Cats Veterinary Hospital as soon as possible.

If your pet is showing signs of being unwell outside of clinic hours, here is some information that will help you decide the best course of action.

Take your pet to an emergency clinic/hospital if they are experiencing one of more of the following:

1. Struggling to breath

2. If your pet was hit by a car, even if they seem to be unharmed

3. Multiple seizures

4. Immobile

5. Active Bleeding

6. Severe dog fight, especially if your dog has been shaken

7. Eyeball popped out or your pets eye seem to be severely painful

8. Abdominal/surgical incision opening up

9. Male dog/cat struggling to urinate

10. Consumed poison and or substances toxic to animals

The following symptoms are most likely NOT an emergency and can wait to be seen during regular clinic hours:

1. Vomiting but is still eating

2. Ear infection

3. Porcupine quills

4. Weight bearing lameness (limping)

5. Adult dog with diarrhea

6. Reverse sneezing

7. A mass somewhere on your pet

8. Difficulty urinating but not straining or in distress